Can You Make Money in Network Marketing?

Can you make money in network marketing? This is a common question.

There has to be an understanding right from the beginning.  Yes, you can make money in network marketing.  However, this is not a “job”.  This is a business you are running from home.

Network marketing has been around for many years, at least 60 years.  It is a viable way of opening  a business for far less money than it would take to open a brick-and-mortar business.  That said, that can also be a reason why people don’t stick with it long enough to succeed.  They come to it thinking it is some kind of a job or expecting instant results and that does not usually happen.

That does not usually happen in a brick-and-mortar business either.  There is a time of getting established, no matter what kind of business model you choose.  However, since it is so easy to open your business through network marketing, people expect earning initial business profit will be easy too.  It still take effort.  It still takes planning.  It still takes diligence.

But, to answer the question, yes, if you will work it as a business it can work, you can make money, and people have.

A benefit to network marketing is that you can gradually work into residual income.  If you build a team of other distributors, as well as a group of satistified customers, you can begin to build residual income.  In other words, because you sell the customer a quality product, the customer keeps coming back.

In reality, the success of certain big box stores is based on customer satisfaction.  People find what they want at a price they are willing to pay.  They give repeat business.

In a sense, network marketing is somewhat similar to other kinds of marketing, but without the brick-and-mortar store.  You depend on customer satisfaction.  There can be a structure within the company and as you move up the structure, your commissions may increase.  All of this depends, of course, on the particular company.  Each company has its own policies in these matters and you should be familiar with those policies before joining any particular company.

In network marketing, once you have made a sale, if the customer or fellow team member is happy, that one sale can keep bringing you residual income month after month, as there are repeat purchases month after month.  This is how network marketing differs from a job.

In a job, you work for a certain number of hours, for a certain amount of pay.  In network marketing, as you put in the hours of work, you are working to develop a team of team members who also make sales.  If you build your network successfully, it may last for months, or even years, and keep bringing you income off your initial work.

In a job, you work and usually get paid each week, bi-weekly, or maybe once a month.

In network marketing you work to develop the team or network, which will be small at first, and the rewards may be small, but over time, it can grow and then the rewards can increase.  It is contrary to internet protocol to give any income claims, but there are people who make full time incomes from network marketing, so it is a viable business.  Everyone will be quick to say that it depends on how much time and effort you put into it, and that the results of one person are not typical of another person.

Network marketing is an excellent way to run a business from home. Unlike regular businesses, it allows you to work from home. You can work at your own pace and earn an unlimited income, as long as you’re consistent and dedicated. You don’t need to hire employees or pay a salary. There are no overhead costs or expenses to pay as when you work from home you are already covering those basic expenses.  The only additional expense may be an affiliate website expense, a  yearly renewal expense, and your monthly product expense.  That all depends on what company you choose to work with and these kinds of expenses can differ from company to company.  Your main work is to bring in and build a team of other marketers, as well as customers.

Although there are many benefits to network marketing, you must remember that the industry requires a lot of time, effort, and self-direction. You will have to learn to sell products and services to make money in the business. While this may sound like an ideal situation, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to spend a lot of time and energy to succeed. Even if you’re already an experienced seller, this type of business requires a lot of hard work and commitment to succeed.

Although network marketing is an excellent opportunity for many people, it may not be the right opportunity for everyone.  Only you know if this kind of a business is a good fit for you.  It is important to realize that it takes time and effort to be successful. You will also have to be disciplined, have the desire to learn, and be a good learner as well as leader.  It is essential that you understand that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

This can be the right business opportunity for the person who approaches it from a business focus and is willing to learn and work hard.


A network marketing company must have products that you like, that you use, and that you would use anyway whether you are in the business aspect of the company or not. I use products from these three companies.  All of these are network marketing companies.

Colostrum-based products

Green product

Gut health products


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What is Network Marketing?


Network marketing is a business model that promotes the sale of products and services. You must sign up as an individual and recruit distributors.  The distributors then recruit distributors.  You are compensated only for sales made by you and your team.

This is the simplest form of selling, and most people will buy into a company because it is appealing and they believe that it will benefit them in the long run.

work hard

The network marketing business model is based on recruiting independent representatives. Each representative earns money by bringing in new distributors. The success of an individual representative depends on their reputation, hard work, and integrity. If you are motivated to succeed, you can easily learn how to become an independent salesperson and recruit a team of distributors. You’ll be able to sell products and services through your team members.

In the network marketing business model, the independent business owner is a promoter of the business, as well as a user of the products. Customers either buy products only, or they themselves both promote and purchase products. Network marketing is word-of-mouth advertising for a company and affiliates are rewarded for bringing people, and thus sales, to the company.

Like any business, nobody makes money unless a sale is made.  Find a network marketing company that has a product that everyone, or many, people need and want.  The more universal appeal there is, the better.

need want

Benefits of network marketing is that they are very inexpensive to begin compared to other businesses, such as a brick-and-mortar business or a franchise. They are portable. That means if you move to another state, you generally can take the business with you as long as your have an internet connection.

A good network marketing company offers professional training. A good network marketing company will offer training, support, and tools. It is an option for the average person who is willing to learn, work hard, and follow the rules, to create a business for themselves, working from home.

A network marketing company must have products that you like, that you use, and that you would use anyway whether you are in the business aspect of the company or not. I use products from these three companies.  All of these are network marketing companies.

Colostrum-based products

Green product

Gut health products


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