The Bottom Line

The bottom line is really…do you love the product of a  network marketing company?  If you don’t love it, don’t try to build a business with a product you don’t love.

Another option is this.

Just use the products because you find value in them and find work, a “day job”,  elsewhere.

The strength of network marketing companies generally is their products.  They may have good pay plans, but if they have junky products, then pay plans don’t mean much.

People only repeat buy things that are valuable to their lives.

One thing you can say about network marketing products, is that they are generally “a cut above the rest”.

They’re generally quite good.  For whatever niche they fill.

Some are health supplements.   Some are not.  But they are generally quality products and if you need them, want them, and buy them regularly, why not go with the quality of network marketing products?

To purchase these products at a lower price most companies have either one or the other or both of these following requirements.

  1.  Autoship.  Commit to a certain level purchase every month.  If you are going to buy the product(s) anyway, this is not a problem.
  2. A yearly maintenance fee for website access of one kind or another.  This is really no different than a yearly membership fee that some pay at some big box stores.  It is just framed a little differently and pays for internet expenses.  Again, for savings, this is not a problem.

People are wary of network marketing companies because they don’t know what they are getting into.

  • Are there hidden expenses?
  • What aren’t they telling  me?
  • Is there a money back guarantee?

Find out.  Write out your questions.  Get them answered.

Most network marketing companies have pre-sales types of meetings where people can learn about the company.  Learn about whatever you need to know.

Go to the website.  Explore what they have.

Learn the benefits of the products.

I personally use products from three different companies.

Company 1

Company 2

Company 3
(This third one is not a company site, but links to the company site.  There is a contact form there if you want to get in touch.)

Check them out and just get the products if you are interested.

If the product is valuable to you, and you will use it, then consider going through a network marketing company because then, if you share about the product, you can make some income according to the structure of the particular company’s pay plan.  A big box store will not give you any income for advertising for them by word of mouth.

It’s really up to you, what you want, and what’s important to you.



A network marketing company must have products that you like, that you use, and that you would use anyway whether you are in the business aspect of the company or not. I use products from these three companies.  All of these are network marketing companies.

Colostrum-based products

Green product

Gut health products


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