What Kinds of Network Marketing Companies Exist?

There are many network marketing companies that have existed, past and present.  There are some that existed in the past that no longer exist.

So, that is a point to consider if you are thinking about network marketing.

Find a solid company.

A lot of network marketing companies revolve around health products.  Because network marketing, to be successful, depends on repeat sales, these products are generally very good.  They have to be high quality for repeat sales.


On the topic of health, here is a link that is important.  It is NOT network marketing related, but as a public service, I feel it is important to post it.  Hopefully, you will check it out, so you will learn important health information.

A network marketing company must have products that you like, that you use, and that you would use anyway whether you are in the business aspect of the company or not. I use products from these three companies.  All of these are network marketing companies.

Colostrum-based products

Green product

Gut health products